Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oct. 2nd ~ Day 2

Well... here we are at Day 2 of the 31 day blog challenge! I am at 2 in a row!! Woohoo... that's pretty good since I went for months without blogging! I had jotted a little list down of things you may or may not know about me!

Here is goes!

*My favorite color is purple - and it is purple because that was my Grandma's favorite color!

*I could live without chocolate forever - but I might just have to hurt someone if you tell me I can't have chips and salsa!

*When I go to the movies I HAVE to have popcorn with butter (in the middle too) and a soda! It's just the way it is and will always be!

*I grew up in Oceanside, CA ~ where my mom still lives today! I always thought I would live there for ever. I want to move back SO badly!!

*I love the ocean!

*I love dolphins and have ever since I was 14 and body surfed side by side with them (or them with me) at the O'side Pier beach! Life changing experience!

*I once jumped off the pier with a few friends (all girls) the boys chickened out! Yes, we could have been killed or arrested... totally stupid!!

*I don't like to drink anything while I eat - unless it's coffee with my breakfast. Other meals I wait until the end!

*I love and admire my Mom more than she will EVER KNOW!

*I am a true creative spirit - which to me means that I can't "just create" I have to be in the mood!

*Being a Mom is my biggest and brightest joy of my life and am grateful for it EVERYDAY!

*I was named after my "Aunt Janice" who died when she was 6 months old of pneumonia. She was my dad's younger sister. There was never a photo taken of her but my Grandma always told me that I have her eyes!

*My eyes are one of my favorite features! ;)

Well... that's it for today! :D
I'd love to read your comments and what your thought are on my post today! Did you know any of this information? Are you surprised by anything? Tell me... I want to know!
Love ya bunches!!


Tricia said...

Wow what a dare devil! JUmping off a pier must have been awesome! I love purple too, so much so that my husband calls me the lilac ninja. LOL

Jodi_E said...

Love your blog today. Hope we all steal this idea sometime during the month. I knew about the chocolate. I can totally believe the pier story. Wish you had the dolphin time on video. Enjoy your motherhood younger years they go by way to quick.

Karen Lopez said...

Hi Janice! I know you love chips and salsa and don't care for chocolate. You are a dare devil! Loved reading more about you. Awesome blog post! :)