Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Day 7

Ok... Ok... I know this post is even later than yesterday's but it is still October 7th here in AZ!! LOL

Jack had early release day today at school and got out at 11am! We worked on adding the captions to some of the photos of Flat Stanley that my nicec Lisa sent! Jack thought about what we he should type on them and did the typing! I went in and sized it and added the color font... he picked the fonts!! So cute! One of his homework assignments is to type all of his spelling words in the computer and use a "fun font"! He loves this... this gave him the idea of how to do his "title" on the project and do the "journaling" on the photos! I think it is GREAT!!

Here it is...

We sent Flat Stanley to my niece in Oceanside, CA! Which as most of you know is my hometown! They took him to several of MY FAVORITE places! The Harbor Fish & Chips, the beach, a Padres game and even found a Fire Fighter to give Stanley a ride in the truck! So cool that they did all these things... it will really mean a lot to Jack in the future when he "gets" it! The only bummer is that Stanley didn't get to visit my Mom! He did get to see all of our other family member who live in that area!! I love this project can you tell?? LOL

Jack and I did try to to go shoe shopping today! Well, we did go shoe shopping... we were just unsucessful!! He wants slip ons but Vans don't come in half sizes. The 4's are too small and the 5's way too big! The Tony Hawk shoes looked cool but are too hard to get on! He got too frustrated so we will try again on Monday! (NO school!)

My sister in law had surgery last night. She had to have 1 of her "tubes" removed. She had a bad infection and it fused itself to her appendix and intestine. She is recovering and will be released in a day or 2. Also, my DEAR friend Mike has very early stages of colon cancer. He had surgery on Tuesday and is recovering well. He has 5 holes in his belly which is way better than being cut totally open! The suspect he will be fine with limited treatment! He is a deputy sheriff in CA and will be out of work for 4-6 weeks. Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers!

More tomorrow...


Jill said...

Love the Flat Stanley Project. We sent ours to England (a long time ago).

Jodi_E said...

I want to live Flat Stanley's life. Too cute today Janice.

Karen said...

Thinking of your sister-in-law and friend, Janice.

Love the Flat Stanley photos! Jack did a great job with picking out fonts. :)

Tricia said...

That was an awesome project. Will be saying prayers for your SIL and friend.