Sunday, October 10, 2010

Double Darn it... I missed Day 9

I had a super busy day in and out of the house! I will catch you up on what I did!

Slept in which I really needed!
Organized some coupons for a bunch of great FREEBIES/GREAT DEALS at CVS!
Took truck for some warranty work.
Went to bank to open new accounts.
Lunch with Bob.
Completed a candy bar wrapper order.
Went to pick up truck.
Stopped to shop at CVS! - My GREAT Deals - 3 bottles Revlon nail polish sale $3.99 each, $1 off coupon each, $3 Extra Bucks back for each bottle = $0
1 Schick Hydro razor sale - $4.99, -$4.00 coupon and $4.00 Extra Bucks = +$4.00 bouns = coupon on razor for FREE bottle of shaving cream - $2.99 = 0.
Then P&G deal - buy $25 worth of product get $10 in Extra bucks. Puffs tissue was on sale for $1 x 25 boxes less coupons = $14.25 for the tissue which made it .57 a box. Great deal - stocked for the entire winter and can donate to classroom!

When I got home I got ready quick and we were off to game night! Which ended up just as dinner and relaxing time with our friends!!

That was my Saturday! I was tired when we got home and didn't even turn on the puter like I thought I would!!



Sherri said...

Our Saturday was busy too! We aren't doing much today either!

Jennifer said...

sounds like a busy, but good day! You got some good deals :)

Karen said...

Great deals! I keeping forgetting about CVS deals. I'll need to check them out this week. Sounds like you had a busy, but fun day. ;)

Tricia said...

Wow that was a very busy day! Good deals, great job!