Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Days 12 & 13

Yep...I am totally double dippin' here!! I was so tired last night after a full day of prep and 1 coat of venetian plaster on Mary's kitchen wall I was wiped out!! It felt so good to be back in the painting mode! I love, love, love to faux paint... it's my true passion! I did it for just about 10 years and had to stop due to an injury! I am better now (for the most part) and I hope to start to do more. I have another job planned for Nov. which makes me really happy!! Also, I am designing a "teen boy" room for a friend too!

Yesterday 10.12 was the anniversary of Bob's and my first date 18 yrs ago! We went to Chili's then and actually did for many years to "celebrate" our date! ;)

Today... I got a good (early) start at Mary's house and stayed unitl I was complete! My friend picked Jack up from school for me. I think I worked about 10 hrs today but it was so worth it! The kitchen in just beautiful and Mary is VERY happy! I am pooped and surprised I am still awake! Tomorrow is shopping, prep dinner for bunko, decorate Jack's class and clean house!!

Photos tomorrow if they turned out! :D


Karen said...

You've been busy! Happy 1st Anniversary date.

Tricia said...

How cute that you celebrate your first date every year!