Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 25...

Wow... when I posted last time I thought I would just miss a day or 2 because we went out of town! I never thought that I would have so much life in my life!

First... here are a few photos from our fun weekend at our friend 74 acre ranch!

When we got home on Sunday afternoon we found out that my family had suffered a tragic loss! Sgt. Ian Tawney - my cousin's son in law was killed in action in Afganistan! He and Ashley are expecting their first child in a few months - baby Claire! It is always sad and heartbreaking when you hear about a loss in this STUPID war... but it is totally different when it is your family! I pray that you don't ever know what I mean by that!! Ian was only 1 of 10 men that were lost from his Unit in just a few days!

On Wednesday, my mother in law was taken to th hospital with chest pains. As it turns out she did have a very minor heart attack. That sounds like a crazy thing... there is NOTHING "minor" about a heart attack... right? She was in horrible pain and the drs discovered that she also has a horrible UTI. Thank God she was able to go home on Saturday morning!

This weekend my BBFF came out to play baseball for the week! We are looking forward to watching his game(s) during the week! Jack is really excited to have his "Uncle Pete" here so he was watch him play ball too! He also like to have him "around"!! It's very cute!

Sunday was all football in the house!! Chargers and Cardinals both lost their games! It was a huge bummer! Jack spent the night with his Didi & Papa and they all went to the fair on Sunday! I got a call from a "neighbor" and had a photoshoot schedule for the afternoon! I took a peek at them and they are AWESOME! It was a really fun shoot!

And finally... I am so excited to announce that I am a member of the Ready, Set, Create Design Team!!I am so honored to be part of this great team!!

Until tomorrow...

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