Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 11

It's Day 11... and I really am Lovin' this challenge! Thanks Karen!! :)

Today Jack had the day off from school and Bob was also off of work! Jack's pal Ryan had spent the night but he was out the door to a play day with his Mom early! We hung around the house a bit. Jack put together (with help from Ryan and Dad) his NEW lego Halo ship! It's really BIG and they did a great job! (Pics tomorrow) I cleaned and organized a few more things in prep for this month's Bunko which will be at my house! (Friday's post will be Bunko Babe's!)LOL

I had a nice conversation with my DEAR Friend Jen who is celebrating her Birthday today!! Happy Birthday to YOU Jen!! Hugs! We can't wait for their family to come out in November for a visit! :)

Jack and I had some "game" time today. We took turns kickin' butt on eachother playin' Connect Four and War! Chilled out and watched some kid TV and I made him a super special ice cream treat! We will NEVER have to buy another McFlurry again! :)

Dinner was Super YUMMY and the whole family had a part in putting it together! Jack set the table, Bob grilled the chicken and I made the sides and did the dishes!!

The boys are in bed and now it time to chill! I am watching TV and playing Scrabble online with Autumn! I love playing this game and I LOVE her for turning me on to it!! I have a few other friends who I have hooked now too!! lol

Well... back to the game!! I am winning 340 to 188 but we still have 6 tiles left! ;)
I am sure she will kick my A$$ next game!!

See ya tomorrow... excited for my painting day!!


Tricia said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I love days like that!

Karen said...

It sure does sound like you had a fantastic day! Love days like these. :)