Friday, August 14, 2009

Jack's Shoot Photos....

Ok... so I had some fun a few weeks ago. I had a photoshoot and decided I need to do to some test shots. My dear friend Autumn shared a fun technique with me... using a "glass" surface to get a cool reflection. I also decided to fill the floor with balloons for the 1 yr old. Jack was my "test model" for lighting in all the different spots! We had fun!! Here are a few... I will post the "baby" shoot when I finish them!! Let me know what you think!! FYI... for the "real" shoot I did remove the framed pictures from the wall for reflection shots!! Thanks again Autumn... you rock!

Hugs... Janice

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer's end and the start of 2nd grade!

Here we go again... another exciting year of school! We are so happy that Jack will be having the same teacher that he had last year... it's awesome that she moved up to 2nd grade! He jumped right in on Monday and got to his work... all his teacher had to say was "morning page is on your desk"!! LOVE IT!! Here are a few photos of Jack and Ian and Jack at his desk! We are excited that Ian is in Jack's class this year... finally!! LOL

Do you see the fun penguin on the desk next to Jack? Well, his teacher made 30 of them over the summer! She made them for each of the kids to take home and read with each night! She does an awesome reading program and "Waddles" will really help out! She Rocks!!
I will be back later to post some of my "test" shots of Jack from a photoshoot I did almost 2 weeks ago! They turned out pretty cute... I think anyhow! LOL
Until then...