Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shine in '09

Hi Friends...
Today, I started back to the gym! Its so important for me to keep myself as a priority in the busyness of life. I so easily can get caught up in other things and leave myself out. Do you have this problem too? I have focused a lot on myself and my weight loss goal over the last 2 yrs. But... even though I have done well I know there is more I can do and people I can help along the way. Telling my story is going to be just 1 of the ways I "Shine in 09"!! This is an emotional journey so it will come in segments! I will also add hints, tips and healthy eating choices along the way! This is for my Peeps!! ;)

This is my story... I was just so tired of where I was at, how I felt and what I thought I looked like in clothes... not to mention the "at risk" health issues that were very apparent! I wanted to do nothing, go nowhere and least of all in the summer. I hid my pain and self disgust well! I got a little nudge from a friend and that was all she wrote! I decided that I AM WORTH IT! I am worth the effort to try... I am worth the effort to possibly fail... I am worth it no matter what the outcome. I decided to be take it slow... have patience and be happy with whatever I accomplished... no matter how big or how small the success! I did take it slow... but I was full committed! I started with Weight Watcher's... weekly meeting with some neighbors. I am ashamed to say that when I went with them I felt comfortable because I was "smaller"... so to me.. "not as bad" as them or others. Who knew I was so shallow?? I sure didn't... but was really ashamed at my thoughts. When I got on the scale and it read "the deadly number" I was physically ill. My heart was in my throat and I don't know how I held back the tears. I couldn't believe what it said... but I knew it was true. I also knew that the next week would be better... it had to be... this was ROCK BOTTOM!!

Love to you all... I pray you find a way to "Shine in 09"!


Nicole said...

You've come a long way, baby!! Keep up the great work! You are SOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it!

Jennifer said...

I love that you are sharing your story!! XOXO

~Nancy~ said...

Heeey...sooo good to see you blogging again! YAY! love ya!

Kimberly said...

Awww Janice....YOU are BEAUTIFUL through and through...and it is so hard to admit to ourselves our own faults sometimes...but it is the GREATEST step of taking responsibiliy and being successful at ANYTHING you set your mind to. It is obvious to me that your heart and passions are sincere and is what is going to be the best positive driving force in your future as a woman, mom and wife. YAY! LOVE you always!

Kris said...

You have such a positive outlook that I really admire :)