Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Days...

and I'm not talking about the tv show!! I'm talking about the wonderful winter weather we are having her in AZ! The last week has been just beautiful... in the mid 70's - to the mid 80's! I think we just might be getting some rain tomorrow though! Which will be great too... we need it! I'd also like to wear my jeans because all of my capri's pants and shorts are WAY too BIG!! ;) Yahoo!!

We also have A LOT of celebrating to do... The Arizona Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl!! It's a darn miracle I tell ya... and it's a bunch of fun too! The whole city is just buzzing! Kurt Warner and company will be playing the Pitts. Steelers... it should be good!

I hope to get back to some scrappin' here this weekend. We have had a long crop going on and all the girls are having so much fun! I really need to get to more challenges myself. We have been doing a little "winter cleaning" around here. We cleaned and rearranged DH's office, took down Jack's bunk beds and made them into 2 beds... his room looks so grown up now! We need to touch up the paint, get some new bedding and he will be all set!

continuing my story...
it was rock bottom, that's for sure but I wasn't going to stay there for long! I continued to go to WW week after week. Some weeks were 2-5lbs lost some were a mere - .4 to gaining 2 lbs. I learned the program, counted my points and slowly lost. But what I didn't do was change my activity level at all. The WW program "rewarded" you for exercise by "allowing" you to eat more. This never made sense to me but I didn't question the program because it was working. Spring was on its way... it was going to be bathing suit weather soon.... ut oh! What now? more to follow! (after photos too!)

Blessings to you all!


Sue said...

Yay for you Janice!! Keep up the good work!! I bet you must feel fantastic!!

Julie O. said...

Hi girly!

That's so awesome. I'm so proud of you!!

I miss you tons and we MUST catch up very, very soon!!


~Nancy~ said...

YAAAY girlie.. I'm so proud of you!! WOOOHOO (I hope I'll recognize you in April. haha) Love ya! XOXO

Nicole said...

WOOHO!! You rock!! **SMOOCH**

Kris said...

Janice, you are so inspiring in so many ways. Many hugs to you!

Jennifer said...

oh rub it in why don't ya on the weather...LOL. Love ya! And you look and feel great! You are an inspiration! XOXO

Stamp-o-maticmama said...

Hey Janice i was just poppin by to see what new with you.. and wow lady !! oh hey may i add you blog link to mine as a blog i visit? and feel free to do the same.
and you ROCK!!

Stamp-o-maticmama said...

thanks Janice you sure can link me to yours.!! have a happy day today too!

Kimberly said...

Happy birthday to YOU!!!!!
Happy birthday to YOU!!!
Happy birthday to my sweetest most loyal friend JANICE!!!!!
Happy birthday to YoooooHoooooYooooo!!!!!
LOVE YOU! Have a wonderful day today...I hope you have a day filled with LOTS of special blessings to make you smile and know how valued you are! xoxo