Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Days...

and I'm not talking about the tv show!! I'm talking about the wonderful winter weather we are having her in AZ! The last week has been just beautiful... in the mid 70's - to the mid 80's! I think we just might be getting some rain tomorrow though! Which will be great too... we need it! I'd also like to wear my jeans because all of my capri's pants and shorts are WAY too BIG!! ;) Yahoo!!

We also have A LOT of celebrating to do... The Arizona Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl!! It's a darn miracle I tell ya... and it's a bunch of fun too! The whole city is just buzzing! Kurt Warner and company will be playing the Pitts. Steelers... it should be good!

I hope to get back to some scrappin' here this weekend. We have had a long crop going on and all the girls are having so much fun! I really need to get to more challenges myself. We have been doing a little "winter cleaning" around here. We cleaned and rearranged DH's office, took down Jack's bunk beds and made them into 2 beds... his room looks so grown up now! We need to touch up the paint, get some new bedding and he will be all set!

continuing my story...
it was rock bottom, that's for sure but I wasn't going to stay there for long! I continued to go to WW week after week. Some weeks were 2-5lbs lost some were a mere - .4 to gaining 2 lbs. I learned the program, counted my points and slowly lost. But what I didn't do was change my activity level at all. The WW program "rewarded" you for exercise by "allowing" you to eat more. This never made sense to me but I didn't question the program because it was working. Spring was on its way... it was going to be bathing suit weather soon.... ut oh! What now? more to follow! (after photos too!)

Blessings to you all!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shine in '09

Hi Friends...
Today, I started back to the gym! Its so important for me to keep myself as a priority in the busyness of life. I so easily can get caught up in other things and leave myself out. Do you have this problem too? I have focused a lot on myself and my weight loss goal over the last 2 yrs. But... even though I have done well I know there is more I can do and people I can help along the way. Telling my story is going to be just 1 of the ways I "Shine in 09"!! This is an emotional journey so it will come in segments! I will also add hints, tips and healthy eating choices along the way! This is for my Peeps!! ;)

This is my story... I was just so tired of where I was at, how I felt and what I thought I looked like in clothes... not to mention the "at risk" health issues that were very apparent! I wanted to do nothing, go nowhere and least of all in the summer. I hid my pain and self disgust well! I got a little nudge from a friend and that was all she wrote! I decided that I AM WORTH IT! I am worth the effort to try... I am worth the effort to possibly fail... I am worth it no matter what the outcome. I decided to be take it slow... have patience and be happy with whatever I accomplished... no matter how big or how small the success! I did take it slow... but I was full committed! I started with Weight Watcher's... weekly meeting with some neighbors. I am ashamed to say that when I went with them I felt comfortable because I was "smaller"... so to me.. "not as bad" as them or others. Who knew I was so shallow?? I sure didn't... but was really ashamed at my thoughts. When I got on the scale and it read "the deadly number" I was physically ill. My heart was in my throat and I don't know how I held back the tears. I couldn't believe what it said... but I knew it was true. I also knew that the next week would be better... it had to be... this was ROCK BOTTOM!!

Love to you all... I pray you find a way to "Shine in 09"!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to my friends and family! I really wish you all the best in 2009!

I have decided that I am going to "Shine in 2009"!! I'm not really sure what the means yet but I like how it sounds! :)

2008 recap:

I am finally back to a size 8 in pants and just about a M top!! I lost a total of 28 pounds.. and still loosing! Went shorter and darker with my hair. Traded in my BIG truck for a super cute Chevy HHR. Traded in most sweets and junk food for fruits and veggies. Gave up regular soda for diet. I worked out an average of 3 times a week for most of the year! I feel better than I have in over 10 yrs!
I went to CHA for the 1st time... met some of my FAVORITE scrappy friends EVER! Continued to be part of a wonderful scrapbooking site and a Creative Team member -
Scrapbook Doodle! Grew as a photographer with the help of my mentor Autumn. Thanks Girl! I took about 6,000 photos too! Learned a little in PSE 6.0 - thanks #2 Autumn!

Jack lost 4 teeth, grew 6 1/2 inches and gained 8 pounds. He finished Kindergarten reading well. Started playing organized sports with the YMCA and in now doing really well in 1st grade. His reading and math skills are 2nd grade 4 month levels. His favorite thing to play is his Wii game, he loves Star Wars movies, Indiana Jones and learned to ride his bike without training wheels. He is still as silly as ever...

Bob worked hard to get into good shape, loved to help coach Jack's sport teams. Taught Jack how to ride his bike, pulled out 1 of the 4 teeth... literally! Left his old (bad ) job and started new (very good) one with a 6 week "break" in between! That was no fun! He traded in some bad eating habits for some better ones too. He worked out an average of 3 days a week and really increased his flexibility. He played golf, cornhole and cards for fun with friends!!

Some extended family highlights...
Bob's mom was moved into a care home which is a wonderful thing for her. Her Alzheimer's doesn't seem to be getting worse but she really needed supervision. My mom lost her beloved cat of 18 yrs and took it really hard. She spent 3 weeks with us here in AZ to help get over it... Simone will be missed. My older sister's found their father that they have NEVER known or seen in their live. Our mom and him divorced when they were very young. It turns our Martin lives here in AZ and I was able to go with 1 sister for their meeting.. it was amazing and very special. He is a wonderful man, has a great family and is like a father to me too! We also had a few very close friends move out of state but our relationships remain close. We miss them all VERY much.

That's our year in review... now, on to 2009!!

God Bless YOU all!!