Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jack lost another tooth!!

Oh my gosh... I am so happy!! It's finally out!! LOL... I don't know about you but when I was a kid I remember wanting to get my teeth out once they became loose! I'd wiggle, twist and turn them until they'd hurt too much or come out! Not my Jack... he wants nothing to do with pulling them out! He has had this top tooth just hanging there and finally on Sunday night while he was at his buddy Jack R.'s house it fell out at dinner! Here are a few photos of Jack & Jack the next morning at our house!! Aren't they just the cutest ever?? Jack R recently lost his tops... so what a pair they are now! Hehe... good times!!

These boys just crack me up! They are so funny... they will sit for pictures as long as I let them make some silly faces!! Well... that is fine by me!

It's Jack's 6th birthday in a few days. I am working on making his invitations. We are going to have a party here at the house with friends and maybe a bouncy house! We are still working on the details! It will be fun for Jack!

More soon.. I promise!



Benita said...

awww, how cute they are with those teeth missing;-)
I remember it myself when they came loose I wanted them out "yesterday";-)

~Nancy~ said...

Oh wow.. look at them.. awww.. they're sooo cute! You really have to go and look at Peggy her blog.. she has created the most amazing toothfairy box for her little boy!!!! Such a great idea.. and I bet Jack would love something like that too! XOXO

Autumn Kuhn Photography said...

ahhhhh too cute! Brennan "swears" his tops are loose!! They are by no means even the tiniest bit loose! Cute pics!

Jennifer said... cute!! Alex has his first loose tooth right now. :)
Love to see you blogging!!

TraceyT said...

what a little cutie!!!