Monday, September 8, 2008

"Good Stuff x10"

My dear friend Jennifer posted a list about some good stuff going on in her life. It inspired me to do it too!! I agree with her... God is so good!

My Good Stuff x10... in no particular order:

1. The last Skinny Cow from my freezer.
2. Creative thoughts making their way to paper!
3. Cooler temps... coming soon!
4. Family Feuds... avoided.
5. Standing firm in oneself... always
6. The feeling of true friendship
7. Birthday parties
8. Capturing a special photo
9. Late night TV
10. Eating right and exercise

Thanks for the reminder Jennifer of how we need to list our good things too... no matter how big or how small!! This was really fun... now to all who are reading it... TAG... post your list on your Blog too!


TraceyT said...

that is a very good reminder. :) You blog looks great, girl.

~Nancy~ said...

Oh wow.. that's definitely a good reminder.. sometimes you just forget about those good things... And you really rocked the birthday invitation for Jack!!!! Talk to you soon! Love ya! XOXO

Jennifer said...

love your list, sweets!!

Karen Lopez said...

Great invite, Janice! He is going to LOVE his present. I got one for my birthday and I love it. You are going to love it yourself.

Good stuffx10 is a great thing to post. I will have to post mine.

I gave you an award and you can see it on my blog. It's the "I love your blog" award.

Take care! :)

**Nancy** said...

Hey girl!!!! It's been way too long!! So glad to see you are doing well!!! Life was quite busy for me there for a bit when I went back to work! But I'm back home! Wasn't worth the stress!! Jack is getting so big!! TAke care, girl!!

Kirsten said...

That is such a good idea, am going to post my list of good things in my life right now on my your creations, as always, you have such talent! Hugs, Kirsten