Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here I go again....

It's been way too long once again and so many things have been going on! Here's the nutshell version:

Our good freinds The Pizer's & The Williams both moved to Texas.

Summer went by way too fast!

I didn't scrap nearly as much this summer as I thought I would.

I went to the gym way more than I thought I would... I'm down 15 lbs and 2 sizes so far! :)

We had a couple of quick trips to CA...

Jack was a ring bearer in a wedding.. and so cute!

My mom came to stay with us for 3 weeks... we played Phase 10 almost everyday!
Jack started 1st grade and love it!

Bob is hoping to change jobs here VERY soon!!

I'm getting back to scrappin' and bloggin'!

Here are a few random photos!!

Bye for now!!!


Kimberly said...

Awwww....LOVE these great photographs...and I can totally relate! Hey and what about your good friend that moved to Montana? hehe...LOVE YOU so much!
YAY Jack and starting school too...he looks like he's grown another foot Janice! I would love to see him next to Olivia now!
Love you,

Jennifer said...

such sweet photos, my friend!! Great to see an updated post from you!

~Nancy~ said...

Hey there girlie.. so good to see you updating again! Love these aweosme pictures.. looks like Jack had an awesome summer!!!! Talk to you soon sweetie! XOXO

Autumn Kuhn Photography said...

I love the banner!!! how did you get it soo big? It looks wonderful!

Peggy Severins said...

what a great pictures Janice and congrats on the weightloss, you go girl!

Melissa said...

Janice, congrats on your success at the gym! Your summer sounds almost as busy as mine! I can't wait to get back into the scrapping world now that school has started! Hope to see you around soon!