Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Once again... its been too long!

Ok.. so really... summer is going by so fast! Does it feel that way to you? I just can't believe that we have only 4 weeks until school will be in session! Which means 1st grade for Jack! He is super excited to go back... he has been doing a little summer "homework". He got this really fun spiderman math book that he just loves doing... he is so proud of himself when he finishes the pages!

So, I haven't been scrappin' too much the past few weeks. Here are a few that I haven't posted on my blog. They were really fun to do! I really need to get to my next challenge with my friend Jennifer... we are going to do a mini! That's super exciting!

I have been taking a ton of photos... playing with my settings on my camera and even taking a few classes. But.. my real improvements have come from finally watching my teaching dvd for my camera and from my fabulous photographer pal Autumn. She is a great friend and so sweet in helping me with my PSE 6.0. It makse a ton of difference!! We have VERY similar tastes in photography. Here are some photos that I have taken lately!

Love and Blessings to you all!!
More to come soon... I promise!!