Monday, June 23, 2008

Jack lost his 1st tooth!!

Yahoo!! It finally came out!! Jack lost his first tooth early this morning. It was 5:30am when he walked into our bedroom and said... "Dad... I lost a tooth! It was just out... look, it didn't even hurt"! It was so GREAT! He was very excited.. and we were relieved that it was finally out!! Its been loose for months... now, for the one next to it to go!! LOL! Its not that I want it to happen fast.. its just that his "adult" teeth have been in for months! Daddy calls him shark tooth all the time!! Here are some pictures I got tonight! He is excited that the tooth fairy will be visiting tonight too.... its already under his pillow in his "tooth holder" his Aunt Lori made him when he was a baby!!

Congratulations my sweet boy! You are growing up so fast!! I love you!!

Thanks for sharing our memories!!


Karen Lopez said...

YAY for Jack! I remember when mine lost his first. It's a pretty cool thing! Love the pictures of Jack. :)

Kim said...

Hooray!!! I know my dd is patiently waiting for the same fate! We just found out her adult teeth have begun coming in without loosing the baby ones.

GREAT photos of the event! I especially love that b/w at the end!

LisaM said...

Yay! He is growing up so fast!Love the pics Janice!

Lucy Chesna said...

congrats looking great

Sherri said...

What a cutie!
Congrats on the first tooth!

Jennifer said...

gorgeous photos my friend!! Jack looks so proud!! You'll have to update tomorrow and let us know how he liked his first visit from the tooth fairy!! :)