Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Waaaaaay OVERDUE!

Ok Friends...
Its been so long now its finally time! Time for me to post my photos from CHA! I know, I know... that was a month ago! But, I think I was so overwhlemed and I wanted to savor it all! I am going to make a few different posts because I have to get Jack from school soon!! LOL!

This is my dear, dear friend Julie & I at dinner with the Fiskars group. It was BIG fun! Julie and I have known each other for about a year and a half now and "chat" all the time online. We have been wanting to meet for such a long time. Well, we did more than meet... we were roomies! Which was wonderful to have the extra time to get to know one another. She is an amazing woman... as I already knew! We had a blast together!! Love you Al!! ;)

Speaking of "special friends"... this Libby & I... or is it Libby and Libby? LOL!! I can only talk a little bit about out time together because "what happens @ CHA stays @ CHA"... right girls? We didn't get to spend as much together as we would have liked to but we did have a few laughs! Seeing her in action at the booth, holding her gorgeous creations was just so inspiring! I am so very blessed to have this amazing woman as my friend, Creative Team mate & IM pal! Hugs Girly!

This was some of the 1st fun Julie and I had... taking a photo with Jon the warehouse guy from Cosmo Cricket!! He was almost the most popular thing at the booth!! He's a sweetie... and pretty cute!

More in a bit... off to get Jack!




Melissa said...

You look so cute! and like you were having WAY too much fun! I am totally envious! Thanks for sharing these with us!

~Nancy~ said...

Ooww.. these pics are awesome girlie.. so glad you're showing them to us now.. even if it's a little late.. whahaha Can't wait to see the rest of the pics! (and looking at these pics make me even more jealous.. hehehe..) Sounds like you girls had such a great time together at CHA! XOXO

Julie O. said...

Awwwwwwwe! Sniff, sniff! You are too sweet! This makes me miss you even more! We had soooo much fun! Thanks for sharing these photos!

I hate to say this girl... you got tagged again. So sorry!! LOL!

You know I love ya!

P.S. Nancy~wish you could have been there! Maybe next year?!? ;)

Pat said...

Looks like great fun - and all those goodies to drool over too!

Kimberly said...

OMGoodness what fun photographs! You are the cutest and I LOVE that you got to experience CHA too...I am sure this was the first of many shows you will be coming to too!
Thanks for sharing your fun! xoxo
Love YOU!

Anne said...