Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Creative Update!

Well... I finished a fun little creation for Scrapbook Doodle Creative Team! A Rusty Pickle mini album! It's called "Lucky Me" and it was created by my dear friend Libby! Honestly, I struggled a little because when I first got the kit I had a plan to use it for my Mom's 80th Birthday photos... and it just didn't work out! I wanted to use that special album created my by friend for the special birthday... but, I moved on... found some new mojo and I think Libby created the mini just for these photos!! A super fun day at the park!! What a difference from the major event of my Mom's 80th birthday... but in reality an even more perfect memory to capture! A regular, normal, everyday kind of thing! I am very happy with how it turned out... Thanks Libby! ;) Here it is:

Please let me know what you think!
More soon!! Hugs!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

More CHA photos....

So, I didn't get back to this the other day and we had a really BUSY weekend! I thought I'd take a few minutes to share a few more photos. Here are more of my Scrapbook Doodle buddies!

Megan & Tanya @ Bucca de Peppo's havin' a great dinner... and a little dessert!

Tanya divin' into the CHOCOLATE mountain!! ;) LOL!

Tanya & Janice... I think this was "before" the chocolate mountain cake!! I wish we would have had more time to hang out... but we all were on our missions!! Fun, fun, fun.... I know we will all remember EVERYTHING about this fun time together!! LOL! These ladies (along with Miss Libby) are just the sweetest gals ever! I am so happy to have them as my friends!! ;)

and... my Dream Street Pals... I just love Tara! She is a sweetie for sure! Her designers are not only some of the most talented but some of the sweetest Gals ever!! I had a BLAST in the DS booth!

Ok... top to bottom... darling Tara (the Owner) & Me, the amazing and very funny Amy Teets & Me, the equally funny and talented Alexis Hardy & Me, the super sweet Dana Miron & Me and finally, the fabulous Tracey Whitley & Me... I just love all the DS Gals!! They were so sweet and I was lucky to have these lovely ladies sign a little autograph book too! Which I will add these fun photos to!! ;) Thanks ladies!!




Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Waaaaaay OVERDUE!

Ok Friends...
Its been so long now its finally time! Time for me to post my photos from CHA! I know, I know... that was a month ago! But, I think I was so overwhlemed and I wanted to savor it all! I am going to make a few different posts because I have to get Jack from school soon!! LOL!

This is my dear, dear friend Julie & I at dinner with the Fiskars group. It was BIG fun! Julie and I have known each other for about a year and a half now and "chat" all the time online. We have been wanting to meet for such a long time. Well, we did more than meet... we were roomies! Which was wonderful to have the extra time to get to know one another. She is an amazing woman... as I already knew! We had a blast together!! Love you Al!! ;)

Speaking of "special friends"... this Libby & I... or is it Libby and Libby? LOL!! I can only talk a little bit about out time together because "what happens @ CHA stays @ CHA"... right girls? We didn't get to spend as much together as we would have liked to but we did have a few laughs! Seeing her in action at the booth, holding her gorgeous creations was just so inspiring! I am so very blessed to have this amazing woman as my friend, Creative Team mate & IM pal! Hugs Girly!

This was some of the 1st fun Julie and I had... taking a photo with Jon the warehouse guy from Cosmo Cricket!! He was almost the most popular thing at the booth!! He's a sweetie... and pretty cute!

More in a bit... off to get Jack!



Thursday, March 6, 2008

I was Tagged!!

By my sweet friend Melissa! Here are 7 "facts" about me!!

1. When I wear shoes and socks I put on 1 sock then the shoe, then the other sock and the other shoe... never both socks and then shoes!
2. I don't like my food to touch on my plate!
3. I love to DVR and watch soap operas!!!
4. I freak out if dirty dishes are left in the sink... they NEED to be rinsed at least!!
5. I love to ride a roller coaster but do not like rides that spin around!
6. My favorite color is purple because it was my Grandma's favorite!
7. I talk to my "cyber" friends more that I talk to my sisters!

Ok.. so Melissa's blog said to "tag" others.... but her list are most of who I would have picked too!! So, if you read this... consider yourself tagged!! LOL

Have a great day!