Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I am a Pickle-Addict....

Thanks to my friend Libby and her awesome challenges/contests @ Scrapbook Doodle ! January's was so much fun to do... even if we did have to post something we created the 1st year we scrapped!! LOL!

Here's the challenge:

Here we go again ladies with a super challenge for you from Rusty Pickle!!!! I started thinking how we always say Jan. is the month where we say "Out with the Old... In with the New"! It is a month where we always focus on changing for the better. I think we wll have been doing a lot of that. So.. here is my Challenge for you this month!: **Find a layout from the first year you started scrapping. (tee hee... this is going to be fun! ) **Then I want you to re create it..and make it a 2 page layout! **It can either use the same pictures... or a simialar sketch...or the same theme or what ever. **I want to see how your style has changed over time! **The older layout you choose to restyle can either be a one or two page layout but the one you are creating must be a two page layout! **Remember to use 80% Rusty Pickle Product!!.. They are sponsering this contest!

My Original:

My NEW creation:

Tell me what you think....

I had a blast creating this month!!

I hope you are well... tell me what you have been up to!

I off to put my things back in my scrap room... Bob installed some upper cabinets in my scrap room this past weekend.. I have to organize now! Pictures to come... I promise! ;)

Hugs and Blessings!



Kimberly said...

LOVE how this turned out! What a great challenge! You RAWK! xoxo
Love ya,

Lucy Chesna said...

love the did a great job on the challenge