Sunday, October 12, 2008

So much to catch up on...

Hi Friends...

I am off to the gym in a few minutes but I have been asked by several gals to post my latest sketch (I actually created it a few months ago but who's gonna tell?) ere on my blog! It's part of my October challenge @ Scrapbook Doodle just go to the Monthly challenges forum for my full challenge and lots more! Here 2 of my latest creations as well! Lots more to catch up on.. and I promise I will soon!!


Here are my latest Scrapbook Doodle Creative Team layouts! Basic Grey Archiac line.

Monday, September 8, 2008

"Good Stuff x10"

My dear friend Jennifer posted a list about some good stuff going on in her life. It inspired me to do it too!! I agree with her... God is so good!

My Good Stuff x10... in no particular order:

1. The last Skinny Cow from my freezer.
2. Creative thoughts making their way to paper!
3. Cooler temps... coming soon!
4. Family Feuds... avoided.
5. Standing firm in oneself... always
6. The feeling of true friendship
7. Birthday parties
8. Capturing a special photo
9. Late night TV
10. Eating right and exercise

Thanks for the reminder Jennifer of how we need to list our good things too... no matter how big or how small!! This was really fun... now to all who are reading it... TAG... post your list on your Blog too!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

It happened... it really did!!

Finally, after sooooo long!! I met my dear friend Kimberly's fiancee' Todd!! Can I tell you... in all honesty... she traded up!! He is a perfect match for her, he loves her unconditionally and he is a real man!! I already knew how deeply in love with him she is... sigh! What a couple. :) Here are a few photos I hijacked from Kimberly's blog!! Sorry Girly... I waited as long as I could for you to email me some and since we didn't really have time to take any while you both were here. I didn't have a choice! But... I am giving credit where credit it due.. right? LOL!!!

Aren't the just adorable? I think they are and I love them both!! We have a special friendship and a special bond. XOXO

Now... on to other news! Jack's 6th birthday is this Wednesday Sept. 10th... I can't believe how fast time is flying by!! He made me laugh the other day when he said "Mom, I am going to be old enough to show it on 2 hands now!" Wow... that really put it into perspective for me. He is just growing up so fast! He doesn't know it yet but he is getting a Wii for his birthday. He is going to faint! He asked for one last year but we weren't ready for that leap yet!! You know... the leap into the video game jungle!! LOL! Anyway, I don't think he has any idea that he will be getting it... I will have my camera in hand for this for sure!! Maybe even the video camera too! We are going to have a party for him on the 20th when some out of town family will be here. Check out this invitation I made for him!! He loved it!!

Ok... well, I think that's it for now. I'll have a few more photo's to share when they are processed. Have a GREAT week!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jack lost another tooth!!

Oh my gosh... I am so happy!! It's finally out!! LOL... I don't know about you but when I was a kid I remember wanting to get my teeth out once they became loose! I'd wiggle, twist and turn them until they'd hurt too much or come out! Not my Jack... he wants nothing to do with pulling them out! He has had this top tooth just hanging there and finally on Sunday night while he was at his buddy Jack R.'s house it fell out at dinner! Here are a few photos of Jack & Jack the next morning at our house!! Aren't they just the cutest ever?? Jack R recently lost his tops... so what a pair they are now! Hehe... good times!!

These boys just crack me up! They are so funny... they will sit for pictures as long as I let them make some silly faces!! Well... that is fine by me!

It's Jack's 6th birthday in a few days. I am working on making his invitations. We are going to have a party here at the house with friends and maybe a bouncy house! We are still working on the details! It will be fun for Jack!

More soon.. I promise!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here I go again....

It's been way too long once again and so many things have been going on! Here's the nutshell version:

Our good freinds The Pizer's & The Williams both moved to Texas.

Summer went by way too fast!

I didn't scrap nearly as much this summer as I thought I would.

I went to the gym way more than I thought I would... I'm down 15 lbs and 2 sizes so far! :)

We had a couple of quick trips to CA...

Jack was a ring bearer in a wedding.. and so cute!

My mom came to stay with us for 3 weeks... we played Phase 10 almost everyday!
Jack started 1st grade and love it!

Bob is hoping to change jobs here VERY soon!!

I'm getting back to scrappin' and bloggin'!

Here are a few random photos!!

Bye for now!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Once again... its been too long!

Ok.. so really... summer is going by so fast! Does it feel that way to you? I just can't believe that we have only 4 weeks until school will be in session! Which means 1st grade for Jack! He is super excited to go back... he has been doing a little summer "homework". He got this really fun spiderman math book that he just loves doing... he is so proud of himself when he finishes the pages!

So, I haven't been scrappin' too much the past few weeks. Here are a few that I haven't posted on my blog. They were really fun to do! I really need to get to my next challenge with my friend Jennifer... we are going to do a mini! That's super exciting!

I have been taking a ton of photos... playing with my settings on my camera and even taking a few classes. But.. my real improvements have come from finally watching my teaching dvd for my camera and from my fabulous photographer pal Autumn. She is a great friend and so sweet in helping me with my PSE 6.0. It makse a ton of difference!! We have VERY similar tastes in photography. Here are some photos that I have taken lately!

Love and Blessings to you all!!
More to come soon... I promise!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Saturday....

Well... I am feeling a little better but also a little worse. I know that doesn't make much sense... but my throat is a lot better.. but now my lungs are burning when I cough... oy!! I slept in this morning until almost 10am... it was so nice... and SO NEEDED!! I am doing laundry today and just hanging in my scraproom! I am finishing my challenge I started a few days ago. I just love that I am doing them again with my friend Jennifer! I just LOVE her!!

Here is my last layout! I just LOVE how it turned out... there is just something about it that makes me really happy! You know.. that just happens sometimes!! I used some yummy Paper Trunk papers... they ROCK!!
Ok... well, that it for now... I'll post a few more layouts and some pictures soon! Have a great weekend!!
Hugs!! Janice

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A fun Card give-a-way....

Check out my friend Karen's blog here for a chance to win some awesome cards!! She's a rockin' hot scrapper and is kickin' some creative booty... better hurry its only on til Saturday!!

In other news...

Our 1st monsoon started a fire that has been out of control for a day now. Of course, fires are always bad.. but this one is hared to reach. Its not really close to us but its close enough for the smoke to be killing me... its mostly because what's burning is what I am the most allergic to! Uggg... my chest is killing me, the throat is raw... its so NOT fun!

Well.. that's all I've got for today!!
More later.. and maybe some new layouts too!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Jack lost his 1st tooth!!

Yahoo!! It finally came out!! Jack lost his first tooth early this morning. It was 5:30am when he walked into our bedroom and said... "Dad... I lost a tooth! It was just out... look, it didn't even hurt"! It was so GREAT! He was very excited.. and we were relieved that it was finally out!! Its been loose for months... now, for the one next to it to go!! LOL! Its not that I want it to happen fast.. its just that his "adult" teeth have been in for months! Daddy calls him shark tooth all the time!! Here are some pictures I got tonight! He is excited that the tooth fairy will be visiting tonight too.... its already under his pillow in his "tooth holder" his Aunt Lori made him when he was a baby!!

Congratulations my sweet boy! You are growing up so fast!! I love you!!

Thanks for sharing our memories!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hey Friends...

Just stoppin' in here to update a little! I'm really trying to get better! Here are a few layouts I have done lately! I've had a little scrappy mojo going on! Thanks to my friend Jennifer and some awesome challenges too!

A couple of my Creative Team creations for June! Rockin' the Junkitz and Basic Grey... it was super fun!

I am lovin' Libby's AWESOME 6x12 challenges that she gives us @ Scrapbook Doodle!

I had a BLAST playin' with the Pink Pailsee Office Lingo... love it!

It doesn't seem like we have been on summer break for a month already! But... we have had some summertime fun! We went to CA to visit family for 9 days, had a few pool parties and even several sleepovers! I'd say for sure summer is HERE!! It also shows in the Arizona weather which today read in my car as 117... holy cow!!

More soon... love to you all!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Update...

I added a photo slide show! I'm still trying to get a look I love but here it is for now! These photos are of baby Ryan... my dear friend Anne's new daughter! She was 6 days old here. I will add more as I get them processed! I've had a ton of fun playing in Photoshop with them! Let me know what you think!!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Jack's Kindergarten Graduation photo...

Melissa's 8th Grade Graduation

Drew's High School Graduation

Jack's Baseball Team... The Dragon's

Adrian's 1st birthday!!Ryan Elizabeth Montgomery... Ryan with her Mama Anne!!

Thanks for looking!! Next time... photos from the beach!!



It's been soooo long!!

I have been a bad blogger! I really want to be better.. but somehow it just seems to slip my mind! LOL!!

So... what's been going on since my last post? Well, Jack graduated from Kindergarten, Melissa from 8th Grade and Drew from Greenway High School! I had a blast doing photoshoots for them all!!

Jack's Baseball Team The Dragon's finished up their game schedule and we've been in California for over a week now. Adrian's 1st birthday, the birth of baby Ryan and a goodbye to Ma's cat - Simone has kept us busy here! We are going home tomorrow and getting back into our summer plans - which include lots of playdates with friends, bbq's and swimming!

Well.. I just spent the last half and hour trying to load picture here with no luck! I'll try again later.. but that's what's been going on in my world... besides Scrappin' and hangin' out @ scrapbook Doodle of course!!

I have to send a couple of shout outs too before I go:
#1 to my friend Manny seriving our country in Iraq... Love you friend... be safe... God is on your side!
#2 Kudos to my friend Jennifer who ran a 5K race last weekend.. her 1st ever!! Way to go.. I'm so proud of you!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day full of love, family and presents!!

I FINALLY have a Slide Show!!

Thanks once again to my friend Jennifer... who helps me all the time with things "technical"!! I love it... check it out and tell me what you think... look down on the side.. not at the post where it shows it!! ;)


Friday, May 9, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Time for a CROP!!

Scrapbook Doodle is celebrating its 1st birthday with a Birthday Bash Crop! Starting April 23 - 30, 2008! Join us for some creative Challenges, fun Games and Special Events! We have TONS of wonderful PRIZES from our AMAZING SPONSORS! All you have to do to join the fun is reigster as a member and sign-in here to play along! We will be chattin' and scrappin' together all week long! Yvonne has even made a special offer in the Scrapbook Doodle Shoppe! The galleries will be rockin'! So, come... what are you waiting for... You don't want to miss all the fun now do you??

Special Thanks to our Sponsors!!

See you at the CROP!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Disneyland & California Adventure... was a BLAST!!

Ok.. so I know its been a few weeks since our visit there. I also know I am a BAD blogger!! But.... here we go anyway! Keep in mind I had my little point and shoot camera too! ;)

We didn't tell Jack we were going to Disneyland until the day before! Bob thought it would be better to surprise him with it. I on the other hand would have loved to use it for "good behavior" for several weeks!! LOL! Jack was so excited to hear we were going... no matter when he was told! He was also very excited to stay in a hotel room and super excited that he had his own room with 2 beds!! He felt so special! He is a roller coaster & thrill ride kid for sure! He loved all the BIG rides! Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Star Tours and Indiana Jones @ Disneyland and California Screamin', Mulhollan Madness and Soarin' Over California @ California Adventure! We also of course loved Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted House (the 2nd time), Buzz Lightyear, Jedi Training Mission show & the Jungle Cruise. These are pretty much all the rides we did for the 4 days we were there!! These rides over & over as much as we could fit in!! We didn't even walk into Toon Town and he called Storybook land the "kiddie" area!! He did think that the Cinderella's Castle was cool to see! Here are some pictures too!

This last photo is California Screamin' @ CA Adventure... it has a loop that takes you upside down!! Jack loved it.. he said "that was totally Wicked!" when we got off the ride. This was also a total accident that Jack looks like he has on "Mickey ears" too!! I didn't notice it at the time... I just had him move so some other people were not in the photo!! LOL!!

Hope you have a GREAT day!!

Hugs Friends!