Monday, December 3, 2007

Photo A Day!

My dear friend Jennifer offered up a fun challenge! So, together with Kimmie we are taking a Photo a Day for the entire month of December. Then, at the end of the month we will either have a bunch of photos ready to scrap or the opportunity to scrap them all together in a mini album! I have decided I am not going to plan a thing! My shots will be whatever they happen to be each day. Then, I will decide what to do with them at the end! I will also post them on my blog - everyday if possible!

I am offering this challenge up to you all as well! It's not too late to get started... you are off a few days.. no biggie! Let me know if you take this challenge. I'd love to follow your blog too!

So... here I will get caught up to date!

December 1st: Advent Calendar - Day 1

December 2nd: What a look!

December 3rd: Playdate


Jennifer said...

what a bunch of cuties!! Love your photos!

Melissa said...

FUN FUN FUN! Great pics! Jack is such a handsome little guy!

Lucy Chesna said...

love the pics

maria W said...

what an awesome challenge love your photos and your son is super cute love the one that he is giving you the looks that photo is great:)
love ya!

Nancy said...

Fun challenge! Your photos are awesome, girlie! I'll have to give this challenge a try!