Monday, December 17, 2007

Catchin' up on my Photos!!

December 17th choice: I got an early Christmas gift... a new flash for my camera! This was taken tonight at 8pm... in total darkness in my backyard! The "regular" flash on my camera wouldn't even register in this dark! I'm lovin' this already! ;)

December 16th choice: Jack's 1st photo in front of our still to be decorated Christmas tree! He just couldn't wait to stand next to this 9 foot multi colored light beauty! We all love it! December 15th choice: A special bond between the 2 buds! Jack & Sam. Even though Sam has not been in this country for long, doesn't speak much English... yet... their friendship has no language barrier! One of Sam's favorite things to say is "Jack Geeeee"! That's how he says Jack G.... with a huge smile! I love it!

December 14th choice: Ok.. so not the BEST photo I have ever taken.. but you can see Jack in the back row center! Don't they make cute reindeer? So fun! December 13th choice: In processing my photo shoot pictures I just keep going back to this one! I just love the set up and they all are smiling!! Yay!! These are our dear friends The Bower Family!
Thanks for sharing my memories!! Love & Hugs!


**Nancy** said...

Your pictures are gorgeous, Janice! I can see why you love that last one...I love the background! Congrats on your new flash! DH just got me a tripod and wireless remote for my camera! woohoo! I'm so excited!

Kimberly said...

OMGoodness...LOVE your photographs! What fun you are having! xoxo
Love ya,

~Nancy~ said...

Woooww.. such a huge update!!! Love all these pics so much! And look at your Xmastree!! Wow.. that's a HUGE one!!!! Talk to you soon! Love ya! XOXO