Monday, December 31, 2007

December Photo Challenge - Conclusion!

Ok... so this was a great idea but almost impossible to do and post everyday in the month of December! But... here are my updates:
My boy the goofball!! Lovin' his Pirate outfit from his Auntie Nancy and Uncle Pascal!!

Daddy & Jack decorating the tree... up the tall ladder and time for the topper!

Christmas Day... Silly Jack and our stockings all filled by Santa!!Surprise... it's a plane!!
Marbles? Santa how did you know??
Our tree on Christmas morning!!

A movie from Santa!

Jack had a sport themed Christmas this year... Golf clubs & a baseball glove from Santa, soccer ball, frisbee's, marbles... so much fun!

Finally.... our little family!!

From my family to yours... Happy New Year and may God bless you in 2008!

New Year... New ways to have FUN!!

Oh My Friends... you have GOT to check this out! Each week Yvonne @ Scrapbook Doodle will be having a Weekly Sale ! You do NOT want to miss out on this... check in EVERY week! The customer service and fast shipping she provides is amazing!! She has a Rockin' What's New section too! I promise... you will LOVE this shoppe!!

This month we also have a Super Fun Scrapbook Doodle Kit ! You will also see some wonderfully inspiring creations from our very talented Creative Team Gallery . Lots of fun and creative contests & challenges as well! We also have some of best games as well!

So... whatcha waitin' for??? Come on.... CHECK us out!! Let me know when you register too!!

Happy Scrappin'!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wanna shed some SCRAP for the New Year?

This is going to be a BLAST!! Let's start the New Year off by getting those "scraps" we all have piled up used up! I know I have so many bits and pieces that I just can't throw away and I don't always use them for card making - but this IS one of my 2008 goals! The Creative Team will have lots of fun in store you!
See you there!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Catchin' up on my Photos!!

December 17th choice: I got an early Christmas gift... a new flash for my camera! This was taken tonight at 8pm... in total darkness in my backyard! The "regular" flash on my camera wouldn't even register in this dark! I'm lovin' this already! ;)

December 16th choice: Jack's 1st photo in front of our still to be decorated Christmas tree! He just couldn't wait to stand next to this 9 foot multi colored light beauty! We all love it! December 15th choice: A special bond between the 2 buds! Jack & Sam. Even though Sam has not been in this country for long, doesn't speak much English... yet... their friendship has no language barrier! One of Sam's favorite things to say is "Jack Geeeee"! That's how he says Jack G.... with a huge smile! I love it!

December 14th choice: Ok.. so not the BEST photo I have ever taken.. but you can see Jack in the back row center! Don't they make cute reindeer? So fun! December 13th choice: In processing my photo shoot pictures I just keep going back to this one! I just love the set up and they all are smiling!! Yay!! These are our dear friends The Bower Family!
Thanks for sharing my memories!! Love & Hugs!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's a NEW me!!

Yes... this is really me! LOL!! I decided it was time for something new... so here it is! I think its fun, fresh and.... brown!! Tell me what you think! It's my choice for mt Dec. 12th photo challenge photo!
Last night I got caught up in doing this and that and just didn't get a chance to post this one of Jack! He happily did his homework last night... and then a few extra writing and math problems for me! The "I don't like homework" is already starting here! Oh boy! Ok Friends.. so short and sweet today! But before I forget there is a super fun Scrap-athon planned for the first part of January. Check here for the details!

Monday, December 10, 2007

What a WONDERFUL Monday!!

I had the BEST day today! I got the GREAT news that I have made the Creative Team for a wonderful scrapbooking site Scrapbook Doddle . Yvonne is wonderful and I can't wait to work with her! I am honored to join NEW CT members Melissa & Jodi along with the entire Creative Team! I couldn't be more excited!! We have already talked about a few really fun events! Keep your eyes here for more! I am so excited to not only be working with these wonderful scrapper's but I am looking forward to the fantastic kits that Yvonne puts together! Woohoo!! They really get the mojo flowing!

Ok.. so my photo for today is a little sneek peek of some cards I made today! You'll get to see the rest soon enough! ;)
Have a wonderful night!
Thanks for sharing my memories!

Photo Challenge Update!

Saturday December 8th: Today Jack and his teammates "The Squid's" had their first game! It was the cutest thing ever!! I was almost in tears watching those little sweeties! Some of the other team didn't show up so they split up our team to play. They also ended up playing 2 games! What fun!

The Squids:

Then, on Saturday afternoon I had a photoshoot. My neighbor's The Bower's. It went really well. As soon as the photographs are processed I will post some. Here is one I took of me while setting up! Not too bad!

On to Saturday evening... we went to a holiday party at our friend's The Herrmann's home in Scottsdale. This was our 6th or 7th year attending I think! They always have a special guest show up for the kids... yep... Santa and his helper Snappy! It's the BEST!

Jack & Santa:

Sunday: Bob and Jack hung out and put up a few decorations. Jack loves his snowman! I hope to have the rest of the house done this week!

Thanks for sharing my memories!


Friday, December 7, 2007

December 7th...

We started this morning with a little visitor for a few hours! We watched little Cali who is 15 months old. She is our across the street neighbor... and a total doll! Bob had fun playing with her for a few hours then , I took over! Of course this meant I had my camera out! I love how I caught her up on this storage box... getting Jack's firetrunk!! She was up and down here for about 45 minutes!! So cute! And... before you ask... no, it didn't give me the "urge"!! LOL!!

We have a busy but FUN weekend! Jack has his very 1st basketball game with the YMCA! You can bet $$ on what tomorrow's photo's will be!! ;) We also have a Christmas party with some wonderful friends... Santa will make his anual visit as well! We donate gifts for Santa to take to the Children's Hospital for those kids who are not able to be at home with their families. This will be our 6th pr 7th year attending! I hope to get some scrappy time in as well!
Until tomorrow....

Thursday, December 6, 2007

There's something to say about the Arizona sky!

There are a lot of things you can say about Arizona... like.. Damn its hot , Cowboy's... seriously?, or... it's more than just a big hole in the ground... really! But, regardless of what you think about Arizona... we do have some of the prettiest sunsets in the country! This is what we get to see a lot during the Winter!! Just thought I'd share a little of my world! Awweee... isn't it lovely!

BTW... this photo was taken right outside my front door!
This is my photo for today... December 6th!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

December 5th...

We thought all was lost last winter when the freeze took our 5 ficus trees. We didn't have high hopes for any of our friut trees either. Well, it just goes to show you that you never know about Mother Nature! Here is living proof! Our first navel orange from our dwarf tree. This baby is good size too! We have been watching it grow in hope it would become ripe... well, I think it's time to try it! I'll let you know how it works out! I'll have Bob try it as I HATE sour fruit!! LOL!
Anyway, other than that just a regular day around here! I created a card and a layout for a Challenge @ Scrapbook Doodle. I really love them both! Here's a look!!

Have a wonderful day!!



Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December 4th Photo!

Happy Birthday to our neighbor Todd! He is 16 today! Driver's License.... tomorrow! Oh Boy! He is a great kid I do have to admit... he watches our dogs and takes care of our house when we are on vacation! I did a little photo shoot of him and his sister!! So fun!

Have a blessed day!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Photo A Day!

My dear friend Jennifer offered up a fun challenge! So, together with Kimmie we are taking a Photo a Day for the entire month of December. Then, at the end of the month we will either have a bunch of photos ready to scrap or the opportunity to scrap them all together in a mini album! I have decided I am not going to plan a thing! My shots will be whatever they happen to be each day. Then, I will decide what to do with them at the end! I will also post them on my blog - everyday if possible!

I am offering this challenge up to you all as well! It's not too late to get started... you are off a few days.. no biggie! Let me know if you take this challenge. I'd love to follow your blog too!

So... here I will get caught up to date!

December 1st: Advent Calendar - Day 1

December 2nd: What a look!

December 3rd: Playdate

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Little Sneak Peek!!

Last week I did a painting job for a past client! I couldn't say no when she called because she is just the best!! Besides, it was her youngest daughter's bedroom... and I love Shelby.. she's a doll!! So, she told me she wanted Zebra on 2 of her 4 walls... I smiled and said "sure, I can do that"!! I took her bedding piece home created a practice board.. I was still not sure how it would really look. Even after about 9 years of Professional Faux Finishing and Decorative painting... this threw me for some reason! So, I did what any "Pro" would do... WENT FOR IT!! Here is a little peek. I will have full shots when the room's decor is complete!!

Please, tell me what you think!! LOL!