Monday, November 19, 2007

A Great Check -Up!!

What better day to schedule a dentist appointment but a school half-day which just so happens to fall on Bob's birthday! So, we picked Jack up from school even a little earlier than the release time. We made our trek to Scottsdale to see Dr. Mike & Vicki! Jack & I had cleanings appointments. Bob went along for the ride... and lunch afterwards! Jack has a NEW tooth coming in but his baby one isn't loose yet! Dr. Mike says it totally normal and not to worry at all.. it will push it's way to where it needs to be and the baby one will eventually loosen. He also most likely has another one coming now too but is under the baby tooth.. as "normal"! I talked to Dr. Mike about how sensitive my teeth are lately. We took some Xrays and he didn't see anything wrong. I am using a temp mouth guard to see if that will relieve any possible pressure I might be putting on my teeth during the night. So, I just have to chew things that are a little softer until the pain goes away.

Here are a few shots of Jack!

I can't wait to scrap the fun photos!! Jack just love Mr. Mike.. and Vicky too! Thanks for sharing my memories!!

More very soon!! :)



~Nancy~ said...

Oooww.. love these fun pics of Jack!!!! Can't wait to see these pics popping up on one of your pages!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!! So glad everything went fine.. and I've had 2 rows of toot too when I was little.. so don't worry.. Jack will be fine when the little toot fall out.. hehe!!!


maria W said...

this are some great photos cant wait to see a page of this
love ya!

Jennifer said...

too cute! Alex and I recently went to the dentist too. Can't wait to see these photos scrapped!

Julie O. said...

What a great idea to take shots of this experience!!! I would have never thought of that. Your pictures turned out great too.

Miss ya my friend!

Kimberly said...

YAY Jack!!!! What a trooper!!! Great shots too! LOVE how great he was and how fun you made this for him! What a great mom you are! xoxo
Love YOU!

Nancy said...

hehe! Love the dentist pics!! Can't wait to see you scrap them!