Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jack turned 5!

I know it was a few weeks ago and I am behind! But here are a few photos from his Oceanside Beach party! Also, a few other fun shots from that day!!

Jack got a new Bible from Cousin Gary!

The Cake and a few gifts!!

I also got this amazing shot of Matthew. He was playing inside the Pirateship playhouse/swingset. Its really cool in color but I just LOVE it on B&W! Yep.. I made a 8x10 for my niece and her husband!! Thanks for sharing my memories!!


~Nancy~ said...

Thanks for sharing these pics with us girlie.. I sooo wish it was still his birthday.. so we would still be with you in Oceanside! That day was soooo great! We loved it so much! XOXO

Nancy said...

Sweet! Looks like Jack was having a wonderful time!

Anne said...

I am SO glad we were able to be there with you guys! can't wait to see you again!

Kimberly said... updated! Lahoooove these sweet photographs of Jack's looks like so much fun! Great shot of Matthew too...totally AWESOME! xoxo
Love YOU!