Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ok, so it's been a few weeks since I've updated my blog but hey... what can I say? The past few weeks have been an adjustment for us! Jack loves school and thinks it great! These photos are from the 1st day of Kindergarten! We walked to school with Jack and the Bowers Family. Of course, I walked behind and got shots of all the kids as they walked!! Jack was so excited to take his backpack, buy lunch and play at recess!! He learned on the first day that he doesn't like to wear his sandals to school either! "Too much sand in them for me Mom, he said"!! So, it's his "skater" shoes and socks everyday... even in our heat! Jack was also VERY happy to see his first "official" friend... Jack R! We met Jack R. and his family at orientation... they have become fast friends! So, lucky Ms Carskadon!! She gets a pair of Jack's! Jack G. & Jack R. as they are now known!! :)
When "the parents" dropped off all the kids we had the day to play! So, Ty & Janice, Bob & myself went out to breakfast and then to a movie! We had a nice 1st day of school ourselves! Things have been going ok for the past few weeks. We are all adjusting to the newness of Kindergarten. Jack is participating in class and really likes his new friends. This week he had his 1st show & tell... he took a few of his matchbox cars! We couldn't get him to tell us what he said about them though! I guess that's normal!!
More soon!


Jennifer said...

so sweet!! I've been waiting for this post!! LOVE all these photos!

Julie O. said...

What sweet pictures Janice! Jack is going to love kindergarten!!

christiane said...

it's such a journey when kids starting at kindergarden!! such cute pics!! greetings from germany ( nancy showed me the way ) ;)