Monday, July 9, 2007

Summer is in Full Swing!

Ryan was over for a sleepover and boy oh boy did he and Jack have a blast! Even in the Arizona heat they were playing in the yard. They actually were playing "golf" with the ball & bat.. it was so funny. Ryan kept yelling "fore"... then Jack would yell 5, 6, 7, 8... too much fun! After running around for a while we went back into the pool!

Here are some fun things we like to do here during the summer: Eat watermelon - cantelope - honeydew - all fresh berries and fresh corn on the cob! Swim, bbq and play games. Have lazy days in our jammies. Eat lots and lots of otter pops and skinny cows to keep cool! Enjoy time with friends and family!


Nancy van den Berg said...

Awww.. love this pic girlie! Look at the boys! So cute!!!! XOXO

Anne said...

Adorable pic Janice, and I LOVE the new blog look! :)