Saturday, July 7, 2007

My blog got a facelift!!

I'm so excited! Today my blog got a little make-over! All the credit goes to my friend Nancy! She spent time creating her new blog today and then made a few changes for me! Now, I really have to learn how to do these things myself! I will try to add back in the fun slideshow I had before (thanks to Jennifer!) and also I will post some sites I love to visit! My FAVORITE part is my new Music Video!! I love Vince Gill and this song makes me want to dance!! He's my "Coma Guy"!! Ok... dont' laugh... I know you will though... it is kinda crazy! Why do I call him my "coma guy" ?Because if I am ever in a coma I want headphones on with all of Vince Gill's songs playing in my ear's! I love the sound of his voice and his fun personality... therefore I will either be healed while listening to his amazing voice or if the worst happens I will die with the sound of heaven in my ears!! Hehe!! Crazy I know... LOL! This is a photo I took of him at a concert in Oct. 2006! It was my 3rd time seeing him! Hehe... Thanks for checking in!!
More soon! Love you all!
What do you think about my "new look"? Please leave me a comment!!


Jennifer said...

Looks great, Janice!!

Nancy said...

So happy you like all the things 'we' did!! (don't forget you gave me the directions what you wanted!!!) So happy that I'm able to add my comment to your blog now too!! XOXO Nancy

Julie said...

It looks great! Yay, Nancy, you're the best!