Saturday, July 28, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged!! My dear friend Nancy tagged me (and my Blog) as a Rockin' Blog Girl! This is so cool! Now, I have to Tag 5 other girls who I think are Rockin' too!! :)

Here it goes:
1 Jennifer -
2 Kimmie
3 Anne
4 Julie O
5 Tillie
It was hard to choose just 5! Now it's your turn to Pay it Forward! YOU choose 5 and keep the love flowing!!

(btw... can someone please tell me how to post the link here without showing the whole link? I did it the way I would on a scrap site but it didn't work!! Thanks! xoxo I know.. I'm blogged challenged!!)

Thank you Nancy!! I needed some cheering up to day! Love you my friend!!

Note: Check back in a few days I have a something SPECIAL to share!! :)

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