Saturday, July 28, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged!! My dear friend Nancy tagged me (and my Blog) as a Rockin' Blog Girl! This is so cool! Now, I have to Tag 5 other girls who I think are Rockin' too!! :)

Here it goes:
1 Jennifer -
2 Kimmie
3 Anne
4 Julie O
5 Tillie
It was hard to choose just 5! Now it's your turn to Pay it Forward! YOU choose 5 and keep the love flowing!!

(btw... can someone please tell me how to post the link here without showing the whole link? I did it the way I would on a scrap site but it didn't work!! Thanks! xoxo I know.. I'm blogged challenged!!)

Thank you Nancy!! I needed some cheering up to day! Love you my friend!!

Note: Check back in a few days I have a something SPECIAL to share!! :)

I'm so Sad!

I have had a very emotional week. Today was the last day of preschool for Jack... he was fine while Candi (his teacher and full time daycare provider for the past 3 years) and I cried! We have a relationship that I cannot put into words! She is an amazing teacher and friend! We had a great party and Candi and the kids made a scrapbook for Jack!! He is off to kindergarten in 2 weeks.
Then, when I got home I heard the sad news of the deadly helicopter crash in downtown Phoenix. The crash site was only blocks from my DH's office! His co-worker's witnessed the crash. Bob was not there at the time! My heart is broken over the loss of 4 of our local news photographer's and pilots. The loss of the men from Chan 3, Pilot Scott Bowerbank and photographer Jim Cox is very personally felt... this is the station I watch on a daily basis! "Our little local morning show" here in Phoenix is like watching my friends on tv. I am so sad and angry at the man who caused this tragic crash!! So, please pray for their families, friends and co-worker's and our city as we mourn this loss. We will be downtown this weekend volunteering help for the news stations and families! Thank you my friends! If you haven't heard about this here's the link:

Monday, July 9, 2007

Summer is in Full Swing!

Ryan was over for a sleepover and boy oh boy did he and Jack have a blast! Even in the Arizona heat they were playing in the yard. They actually were playing "golf" with the ball & bat.. it was so funny. Ryan kept yelling "fore"... then Jack would yell 5, 6, 7, 8... too much fun! After running around for a while we went back into the pool!

Here are some fun things we like to do here during the summer: Eat watermelon - cantelope - honeydew - all fresh berries and fresh corn on the cob! Swim, bbq and play games. Have lazy days in our jammies. Eat lots and lots of otter pops and skinny cows to keep cool! Enjoy time with friends and family!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

My blog got a facelift!!

I'm so excited! Today my blog got a little make-over! All the credit goes to my friend Nancy! She spent time creating her new blog today and then made a few changes for me! Now, I really have to learn how to do these things myself! I will try to add back in the fun slideshow I had before (thanks to Jennifer!) and also I will post some sites I love to visit! My FAVORITE part is my new Music Video!! I love Vince Gill and this song makes me want to dance!! He's my "Coma Guy"!! Ok... dont' laugh... I know you will though... it is kinda crazy! Why do I call him my "coma guy" ?Because if I am ever in a coma I want headphones on with all of Vince Gill's songs playing in my ear's! I love the sound of his voice and his fun personality... therefore I will either be healed while listening to his amazing voice or if the worst happens I will die with the sound of heaven in my ears!! Hehe!! Crazy I know... LOL! This is a photo I took of him at a concert in Oct. 2006! It was my 3rd time seeing him! Hehe... Thanks for checking in!!
More soon! Love you all!
What do you think about my "new look"? Please leave me a comment!!