Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Monday Morning!

We had a pretty good weekend! Friday night we went to dinner with some friends to finally celebrate my birthday! We went to our favorite birthday resturant - Texas Roadhouse! It is so yummy and the kids just love it! Ryan spent the night with us and on Sat. morning I did a little photoshoot of him. Jack and Ryan had a blast playing together for almost the entire day! After church on Sunday, we finally exchanged our Valentine's Day gifts! I know, I know... but it was fun! I gave Bob the Love notes box and he loved it!! He gave me a few Christian cd's and a gift card to the Christion bookstore!! Jack of course got lots of little goodies, a Monster Truck from Bob and a Skateboard from me!! Our neighbor friend Jarret who loves to teach Jack things, helped Jack with his skateboard! It was so cute!


Jennifer said...

what a cutie pie!! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!!


Jenn said...

omg! he is so adorable!! glad you had a good weekend. I soooo wish I could come home and go to TRH......yummy!

Kimberly said...

How totally ADORABLE! Love those shots of him Janice! LOVE YOU!xoxo

Mariandale said...

this photos are so very cute he is adorable